Whatis Underwriting?

Underwriting is sponsorship of Public Broadcasting programming. It is your opportunity to get your company’s message out to a diverse audience.


WhyUnderwrite on KAMU?

Your organization can reach an extremely desirable audience by sponsoring KAMU programming. In fact, we reach the specific audience you want to impact in high concentration- your current base of musicians and music lovers at the upper end of the market.

KAMU is a mission-driven, membership organization which is seen as contributing to the local community. Sponsors are likely to experience aHALO EFFECT when they create a partnership with KAMU. That is, the goodwill that KAMU shares with its listeners will be transferred to the sponsor via association:

Outstanding KAMU Supporters:

·80% of public radio listeners prefer to buy from public broadcast sponsors*

Radio Listener Demographics: **

·88% of listeners agree that their opinion of a company is more positive when they find out it sponsors public broadcasting*

·89% of those surveyed agreed that it is more important than ever for companies to be socially responsible**

*Source: NPR-Jacobs Media “The Value of Underwriting Research’ 2003. Phone surveys conducted by Edison Media Reseach, base 404 NPR station listeners.

** Source: 2002 Cone Corporate Citizenship Study (http://www.coneinc.com/)


KAMU provides quality programming to our listeners and is viewed as a credible source of music, news and information. Sponsorship creates an impression of quality and credibility for the sponsor.

·62% of listeners surveyed believe that companies that sponsor programs on public radio area more credible than those that advertise on commercial radio

·67% disagreed with the statement: “There is no difference between the quality of companies that sponsor public radio and the quality of companies that advertise on commercial radio”.

*Source: NPR-Jacobs Media “The Value of Underwriting Research’ 2003. Phone surveys conducted by Edison Media Research, base 404 NPR station listeners.


Sponsor messages stand out on KAMU because our non-commercial stations have very little clutter, meaning sponsor messages are heard and seen rather than getting lost in the crowd or tuned out.>