ETC "Etcetera" Show
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ETC (pronounced "Etcetera") is a student-produced television program about people and events of Texas A&M University and the surrounding community. The program is an integral part of KAMU's academic role at Texas A&M University.

ETC provides several half-hour high-definition interview-style programs during the Fall and Spring semesters. Programs vary widely from issues that concern students to issues involving the Bryan-College Station Community. Topics range from job recruiting, marriage in the workplace, Kyle Field game-day preparation, "after-dark" campus safety, student and local politics, ETC!

ETC is produced entirely by junior and senior-level students, who create the program proposals, research the topics, select the guests, do the interviews, operate the cameras, run the audio board, direct and switch the programs, and produce the programs. It is a hands-on experience for them that provides a basic background in video production using state of the art high definition equipment at KAMU-TV.

As the formerly distinct technologies of computers and of video continue to merge, it becomes increasingly important for anyone managing technology in a school, college, corporate training division, or other related technology facility to have a thorough understanding of this combined technology in order to make sound management decisions. For that reason, this course provides the student with all the fundamental concepts required to put together a video production. It utilizes the facilities of KAMU-TV in a hands-on approach to immerse students with no prior video experience into a fast paced learning environment that takes them through the basic stages of video production and culminates in a series of programs that are broadcast on KAMU-TV.

With the knowledge gained from this training, students are armed with the basic background required to make sound decisions regarding the implementation of video and the related production process in facilities they will ultimately manage.

The course is taught by Dr. Rodney L. Zent, Assistant Lecturer and Former Director of Educational Broadcast Services, with assistance provided by Leonard Welch, KAMU Chief Engineer, Matt Dittman, KAMU Producer, and Jon Bennett, KAMU-TV/FM Station Manager.